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All you Need to Know about Composting at Home

Spin Bin Compost TumblerYou don‘t need to worry about not being able to compost at home because your home is small as a tiny house. Even in a small apartment or RV or houseboat you‘re able to compost as you wish.

The following list includes composting tools that you can use indoors in your kitchen and composting tools that you can use in your tiny backyard or just outside your tiny house.

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Top 2 BioBag Food Waste Bags / Compost Bags under $20

Biobag, Food Waste BagsBeing able to compost at home is just great.  I think there should be a possibility to compost for everybody.  It shouldn’t matter if you live in a small apartment, a tiny house, a RV or houseboat.  If you can’t have your own compost tumbler or composter because you have no backyard, you still are able to bring your composting material to a nearby municipal composting site.

In my post about compost bins I mentioned that some people like to use bags in their compost bins.  Well, in Switzerland I did the same, just for cleaning reasons.  Even if today’s models of compost bins are made of stainless steel and therefore easy to clean, you still could use a Food Waste Bag or Compost Bag.

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