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Top 3 Closet Organizer Kits around $50

Closet Organizer KitOne of the item descriptions says it all what’s important about closet kits: The key to getting the most out of your closet is how you use the space inside it. Well, that’s valid for almost everything in your tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat, isn’t it.

Closet Kits are perfect for tiny living because they allow you to organize the space in your closet exactly as you want. Most of the shelves and hang rods are adjustable. Exactly what every person living in a tiny space wishes for. The more adjustable, the better! They perfectly join the theme together with Movable Wardrobe Closets, and Hanging Clothes Storage ideas.

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Under Stairs Storage Ideas for a Tiny Home

 9-Cube OrganizerWhere are the hidden places in your tiny house, tiny houseboat or small apartment, still undiscovered and unused?  Those places that would be perfect for storage solutions, but you don’t see it immediately.  Well, let’s take a look under your stairs.  There we have plenty of unused space that’s just waiting for proper usage.

The good news is that there is no limit whatsoever of how you can take advantage of this open space for under stairs storage.  Of course, everything depends on your specific space situation.  How does the staircase look like? Is the open space underneath more vertical or more horizontal?

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Top 6 Storage Benches around $100

Winsome Wood Storage Bench with BasketsI love multi-functional furniture, even more when the multi really means multi.  When you can use a piece of furniture for more than just one use, it’s just meant to be placed into tight spaces.

Storage benches are one of my favorites.  They provide place to store things away and a nice sitting place at the same time.  I like storage benches for literally every room in a house.

Even more functionally important is a storage bench in a tiny house where every inch has its value.  It works there perfectly as a sofa or kitchen bench.

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