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Autumn Decoration Ideas for a Tiny Home

Autumn Harvest Bird SittersWhen it comes to seasonal decorations some might back away from every attempt just to not clutter their tiny homes, tiny house, small apartment, RV and houseboat. I totally understand you. I‘m the same. Nevertheless we have it in us to celebrate the seasons. And autumn is definitely a season that‘s worth being celebrated.

So, what do you need to know about autumn decorations in order to not clutter your tiny home but still create that feeling of cozy warm colors and more? Here are some ideas for you.

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Top 5 Ideas for Wall Art

Santin Art Cloud Tree Painting Wall DecorWell, being a painter myself I totally like wall art. And I must say I like all kinds of wall art, modern and abstract, landscape, photos, just everything. Wall art needs to meet your personal taste of course.

As a big Italy fan I totally love wall murals, you know that kind that makes your wall look like an old Tuscany house. Wonderful! I found for you one wall mural 3D piece that looks really great.

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