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All you Need to Know about Composting at Home

Spin Bin Compost TumblerYou don‘t need to worry about not being able to compost at home because your home is small as a tiny house. Even in a small apartment or RV or houseboat you‘re able to compost as you wish.

The following list includes composting tools that you can use indoors in your kitchen and composting tools that you can use in your tiny backyard or just outside your tiny house.

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Top 4 Compost Tumblers or Composters around $120

Gardener’s Supply Compost TumblerAfter having made my post about Compost Bins in which you can collect all your compostable material I write this follow-up about the Top 4 Compost Tumblers or Composters.  It is one thing to collect the compostable material, but another where to bring it.  If you live in an apartment complex where composting is organized for all renting parties, you are fine with just having a great compost bin or a food waste compost bag in your kitchen that you can carry to your composting place.

Composting is important, everybody knows that.  Compost cultivates soils for growing vegetables and flowers, helps the lawns fight off disease and keeps down erosion.  Also it supports the soil with retaining water.  You might hesitate to start your own composter in your backyard because of smell issues or hard physical work.  Well, those were issues of the past.  Today composting is so simple and well made, everybody can do it.

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