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Top 6 Bread Machines between $60 and $240

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker BreadmakerAs I like to emphasize that you don’t need to give up decorating your tiny home just because it’s tiny, I encourage you to live your hobbies like cooking even when your kitchen is tiny.  Making bread with one of these awesome bread machines is one of these hobbies you should keep – or start.

I can’t picture myself anymore not making my own homemade bread.  Well, you know, I love to cook, and I love to make my own bread, my own refried beans, my own pasta …!  I’m convinced you too won’t be able to eat store-bought bread anymore after you start to make your own.  The difference in taste and quality is just too obvious.  And you know what you are eating.

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Top 3 Countertop Smart Mini Toaster Ovens 1800W under $180

Breville Mini Smart OvenWho needs an oven when you have a Mini Smart Oven? This was the comment of one of the customers, and it says it all.

Living in a tiny place as one person or two persons you might find that you don’t need a big built-in oven.  Even if you have a big oven you probably wouldn’t turn it on just for yourself or two persons. Countertop Smart Mini Toaster Ovens can replace a big oven easily.

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