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Top 3 Wall Mount Shelves / Display Organizers

Greenco Floating U ShelvesEverything off-floor is per se interesting for tiny living. Mount shelves and display organizers are perfect for this reason. They hold your stuff that otherwise would lie around and clutter your tiny place.

Having all your little stuff, your collectibles or small items of bathroom, kitchen, home office or hallway stored in an orderly manner is worth everything. Wall mount shelves and display organizers do exactly that.

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Smart Use of Niches and Alcoves for a Tiny Home

alcove bowfrontSome houses have somewhere a niche or even an alcove that isn’t taken advantage of.  If you build your own tiny house I encourage you to deliberately add a niche or alcove.  It definitely will add to the overall aesthetic look of your house.  The following ideas of how to use them will hopefully convince you to do so.

Often niches exist just because there is a closet on the other side or it is between two room walls.  Some tiny or small houses have an inbuilt alcove not only because it looks gorgeous from the inside and outside but also because it offers such a creative space for multiple usage.

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Top 4 Wall mounted Shelving Units between $30 and $90

Mango Steam Wall-mounted Shelving UnitYou might not think of it as that but shelves are a kind of a design statement.  The statement is made the way how these shelving units mix functionality with beauty.

They are more shelf than the floating wall mount shelves, but they perfectly go together with one of those awesome Corner Wall mount shelves.

The main point about wall mounted shelving units is that they provide an aesthetically pleasing place for storing different items.

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Top 3 Floating Wall mount Nightstands between $20 and $70

Nexera Rectangular Floating ShelvesOkay, I love floating furniture – of any kind.  Who doesn’t, really.  Today I add this post about Floating Wall Shelf as floating wall mount Nightstand to my other floating furniture posts such as the Top 4 Floating Space-saving Desks with Storage.

As you know everything off floor is a must-have space saver in a tiny living place, small apartment, tiny house, RV or houseboat.  Floating furnitures create much needed place for things to store and display in a really nice way.  Floating Wall mount Nightstands are functional and aesthetic.

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Top 5 Corner Wall mount Shelves around $35

WELLAND Large White Corner Wall ShelfLiving Big in a small place is all about implementing great storage ideas and the smart use of every inch of place you have without falling into the clutter trap.

Corner Wall mount Shelves fulfill exactly these requirements as well as Corner Display Etageres do.  And besides being functional they are doubtlessly very decorative.

Usually I’m not advocating for collecting knickknacks and cluttering your home with them.  Living in a tiny place such as an apartment, RV, boat or tiny house you probably know what I’m talking about.  Nevertheless you shouldn’t give up on your favorite decorations, books, knickknacks and memory-filled objects.  There are obviously such items that still need to have their place in your tiny place.  Books, I think, are perfect to be placed on Corner mount Shelves.

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