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Top 3 Space-saving Pantry for a Small Kitchen around $150

Sauder Summer Home PantryYour kitchen is tiny because you live in a tiny house, a small apartment or RV or houseboat.  Even with a tiny kitchen you should be able to fully enjoy your cooking experience as well as the look of your kitchen.

Every kitchen needs a pantry.  If your kitchen is tiny your pantry should meet the requirement of having a space-saving footprint with at the same time wide enough inside space for storing food.

So, what are the thoughts around the perfect pantry?

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3 Top Books about how to live a Little Big Life

Tiny House Living Ryan MitchellLiving a Little Big Life is more and more common.  Tiny Houses.  Small Apartments.  Even RVs and Houseboats.

More and more people discover that there is more fun to life when you acquire less things, when you live organized, even if you don’t meet the requirements of a Zen-style life.

Minimalism is the code, but minimalism with style, fun, elegance and beauty.

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Top 2 Teak Corner Benches between $150 and $250

teak corner benchCorners are notoriously underestimated when it comes to find new places for storage or display in your tiny home, small apartment, RV, houseboat and tiny house.

As long as your home is not a yurt or a roundhouse you will have corners that most of the time remain unused.  Isn’t that true?

The here presented corner benches are tiny sized, in order to fit in any really tiny place.  They are designed as shaving foot stool in showers, but who says you can’t use them anywhere for any purpose in your tiny home. They are very sturdy and hold a lot of weight.

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Top 4 Elegant Table Lamps around $30

Distressed Antique Table LampThere are those little details that just make the difference of how your room and home looks.  Table lamps are surely one of those details.  You will be surprised what kind of decorating potentials are hidden in something small and seemingly unimposing like table lamps.

For me, a table lamp as well as floor lamps or pendant lighting always adds a certain elegance and exquisiteness to a room, not to mention the light it provides being more indirect and smooth than hard and sharp.  Although there are people who just like the look of a table lamp as it is, not with the light on.  An interesting thought.

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Top 3 Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelves under $20

Cook N Home 2-Tier Corner Storage ShelfI just love to explore all those awesome shelf solutions that help to declutter and to bring order into my kitchen, bathroom or any other room.  If you’re living in a small apartment, RV, houseboat or you’re building your own tiny house, kitchen counter and cabinet shelves are exactly what you are looking for.

A kitchen counter shelf is definitely one of the best methods for organizing the items you have in your kitchen, most often taking away precious space on your countertop.  Or you might be interested in a cabinet shelf, that helps taking advantage of the whole space a cabinet is providing.

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