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Top 3 Small Towel Rings / Towel Bars

MODONA Countertop Towel Ring Polished ChromeThe kitchen is always the room I look first at when we move into a new home. Well, and then the bathroom. I’m still amazed how many kitchens and bathrooms there are without any towel ring or towel bar.

I mean, where do you hang your towels to dry?

Very often we needed to improvise in order to create a place where to hang our towels. It doesn’t need to be like that considering that there are so many great looking and practical towel rings and towel bars available. I found the three main models that fit into every tiny house.

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Top 3 Small Medicine Cabinets

Kohler Aluminum Cabinet with Mirror DoorMy first apartment back in Switzerland had an itsy-bitsy bathroom. I almost couldn’t turn around, but it came with a medicine cabinet that was built into the wall. You know which one I’m talking about. You just see a mirror on the wall that you can open and voilà! You have some narrow shelves inside for all your toiletry items, well for most of them. These are the recessed medicine cabinets as opposed to wall-mounted ones.

The differences between the recessed medicine cabinets and the wall-mounted are substantial and might influence your decision which is the better choice for your small bathroom.

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Top 3 Bathroom Vanity Combos 18-24 inch around $250

HomCom Single Sink Vanity Cabinet with TopTo furnish a tiny bathroom in an elegant and still functional way is doubtlessly one of the big challenges you can face in a tiny home.

I remember when I stepped first time in the tiny bathroom of my first tiny apartment, I was shocked.  How was it even possible to build such a tiny space!  Even the bathroom door was a sliding door, because there was simply no place to open the door inwards or outwards.  It was so tiny that there was literally no place in it for more than one person.  Well, the renting contract was for one person.  Still!

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