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Loft Bed with Desk for Dorm and Small Bedroom

DHP X-Loft Bunk BedCollege time is approaching! I totally remember my first day at the University back in Switzerland. We had no college with dorms as it is organized here, but it was nevertheless very exciting!

Having a dorm room adds to the excitement. Besides entering a new world, the world of a University, you have to organize everything around your next years living in a dorm. One of your concerns will be how your bed will look like. Here‘s an idea for you: get a loft bed that comes with an integrated desk underneath.

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Nordic Style for a Tiny Home

nordic interior styleThere are no rules telling you what kind of design is required for your tiny house, small apartment or houseboat.  It’s you choosing the design and style according to your wishes and preferences.  Don’t just give in and get the most affordable furniture even if it doesn’t fit your style at all.

If you aren’t sure yet which furniture style fits you and your tiny home the best, I’d like to give you a little help by starting this series of tips about different furnishing styles.  The Nordic style is one of the most known, at least in Europa it is.  More and more people like to create the Nordic style in their homes.

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Top 4 Folding Sofa Bed Futon

DHP Ariana Junior Sized Futon TealYou can have several reasons to get a folding sofa bed futon.  You might be living in a tiny house or small apartment and have no place for a bigger sofa.  So this folding sofa bed futon works for you as a sofa even more as it is bigger than a chair folding bed.  Another reason is that you look for a multifunctional seating-sleeping furniture which this folding sofa bed futon absolutely can be.

In any case make sure first that the chosen model of folding sofa bed futon really meets your requirements.  Some are Junior size, only workable as sofa replacement in a tiny living space.  Others though are really comfortable as both, sofa and bed.  A real perfect furniture for a real tiny place.

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