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Top 2 Frosted Glass Tub Doors around $400

DreamLine Aqua Frosted Glass Bath Tub DoorSo, if you’re like me and you don’t like to clean your bath tub glass door after every shower you take, you’ll be interested in this post about frosted glass tub doors. They are exactly what you’re looking for.

They look as stylish as any clear glass tub door but don’t show the water drops on them. Isn’t that great! Well, you still need to clean a frosted tempered glass tub door, but definitely not as often as a clean glass tub door.

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Top 5 Shower Wall Kits between $600 and $1,200

DreamLine Solo Frameless Shower EncloserOnce in life there comes inevitably the moment where you need a new shower.  Just kidding – or not really.

You might have different reasons to install a new shower, I mean a shower enclosure with base.  You might be building your own tiny house and need a tiny shower stall – or you might be installing a shower in your tiny basement bathroom – or you want to upgrade the shower in your RV or boat.  Or you are interested in installing a shower stall as an addition to your bathtub or as replacement of your bathtub.

However, if your bathroom is small, really small, you will be interested in a similarly small shower wall kit.  There are some awesome models out there, they look great and aren’t pricey at all.

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