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Best Gift Ideas for Tiny Homes

presentDo you know somebody who moves into a new tiny home, the first small apartment? Do you know people who start their new life in a RV or houseboat? Or even better, are you yourself making one of those big steps?

Here are some great ideas as gift for others or as self-gifts that will make the start into a tiny home living easier.

I know, I know. Appliances as gifts are out, definitely out. Well, yes, but every rule has its exceptions, isn’t it. So, just take a casual look at my following ideas. I hope that my list will help you, your friends and family.

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Top 2 Elegant Sets of 3 Flower Vases around $25

Elegant Impression by Hosley Burlwood Vase SetThere is nothing more compelling than a tiny house, a small apartment, RV or houseboat that emanates elegance and style.  Decorating doesn’t stop when you move into your new tiny home.  On the contrary.  Now you have the most unique and unusual ways at hand to create your personal style.  That’s fun.

I strongly encourage you to look around how you can place and use those famous accent pieces in your tiny home.  How about an elegant set of 3 flower vases?  They’re called flower vases but you know me, of course you can use them for all kinds of decorations.

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