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Top 7 Hanging Clothes Storage under $15

Ziz Home Hanging Clothes Storage BoxOrganization is everything when you live in a tiny space.  You still have your stuff, your clothing, everything you need for daily life, and you urgently need a great storage place in your tiny home to put all those things away.  Hanging clothes storage are an ingenious way to store your stuff away and a great alternative to movable wardrobe closets or garment racks.

Normally I’m more the type who likes to hide away all that stuff we have.  Well, sometimes this is important.  Mostly so, when you live in a really tiny place, a really small apartment, a tiny houseboat or your own tiny house.  But!  There are moments where you can store your stuff in a more open way.  So, let’s take a closer look at hanging clothes storage.

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Top 5 Over-the-door Pocket Organizers between $10 and $30

Home-Cube Wall Pocket Door OrganizerTake something simple and turn it into something fancy.  That could be the motto for this post.  You find that Over-the-door Pocket Organizers are originally meant for organizing shoes or toys.  But who told that you can’t use it for something totally different?

Something you create for your own tiny home, RV, small apartment, houseboat or tiny house.

Over-the-door Pocket Organizers are terrific space saving declutter organizers. Over-the-door Pocket Organizers hang on the door, the most underutilized space in every home, isn’t it.

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Top 3 Foldable Kitchen or Utility Carts around $100

Winsome Wood Foldable CartWinsome Wood Foldable CartKitchen is my dream theme on Little Big Life.  As you can guess, it is my favorite room in the house.  I just love to cook and to be in the kitchen.  I like having place for preparing meals and discovered just recently how great foldable kitchen carts are.

Having a tiny kitchen may look at first glance as making cooking difficult.  Well, it isn’t.  On the contrary, it allows you to be more creative, more space-aware and also more efficient.

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