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Top 3 Woven Baskets

Natural Seagrass Belly BasketWhen Germans say Giving someone a basket they mean Turning someone down. Well, if you give your tiny home a basket you most certainly don‘t turn it down. In the contrary, you add a fancy and elegant element to your home style.

Woven baskets combine two important factors for a home: practicality and beauty. As being a storage place they can be used in every space even the tiniest ones. And they belong to the more beautiful ideas for storage. I gathered some ideas about how you can use a woven basket in your tiny home.

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Top 6 Portable Spin Dryers and Foldable Dryer Racks

The Laundry Alternative Ventless Portable Electric DryerAs follow up to my article about the Top 4 Portable Compact Mini Washing Machines I add this post about Spin Dryers and Dryer Racks.  People who purchased one of those great Portable Compact Mini Washing Machines got additionally a spin dryer.

It might be hard on the hands to wring out wet clothing after washing.  Well, I know it is hard on the hands.

And the spin dryer as well as the price-wise more favorable dryer racks are definitely good solutions.

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Declutter with these Top 4 Storage Boxes under $20

declutter with storage boxesThere is actually a move around decluttering going on right now.  That’s interesting.  I personally think the whole thing around decluttering should be more something like a lifetime theme.  Even more when you live in a tiny space. And using storage boxes helps you to visually “declutter” the stuff you still need and keep.

I’m quite interested in Feng Shui principles.  They recommend often as first step toward renewing a living space to get rid of the clutter.  To declutter in other words.  I think getting rid of clutter is by all means a very healthy and freeing action.

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