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Top 6 Wall Lamps between $15 and $90

Hallomall Motion Sensor Wall Spot LightsEverything that you can hang on the wall and doesn’t take away any precious floor space is perfect for tiny homes, tiny houses, small apartments, RVs and houseboats.  So when you look around to find the perfect lighting solution for your home you might end up getting one of these gorgeous and elegant wall lamps.

We need lamps in our homes.  Natural light is obviously perfect during day.  In night we need lamps.  And there it is up to you to choose the style such as floor lamps, pendant lighting or space saving wall lamps.  Before you choose the style you should know how you want to use the light.

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Nordic Style for a Tiny Home

nordic interior styleThere are no rules telling you what kind of design is required for your tiny house, small apartment or houseboat.  It’s you choosing the design and style according to your wishes and preferences.  Don’t just give in and get the most affordable furniture.

If you aren’t sure yet which furniture style fits you and your tiny home the best, I’d like to give you a little help by introducing the Nordic style which is one of the most known.  More and more people like to create the Nordic style in their homes.

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Top 5 Freestanding Bookshelves as Room Divider

Baxton Studio Psinta Modern Shelving UnitThis is a furniture I had in my first tiny one-room apartment in Switzerland: a freestanding bookshelf as room divider between my living and sleeping space.

The bookshelf I used was long, but only about 4 feet tall in order to give free view to the only window I had there.

If you live in a tiny house or small apartment you might take a look at this ingenious piece of furniture.

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Top 3 Tupperware Sets around $10

Ikea 17-Set Food ContainerMaybe you’re smiling when you read the title of this post. Tupperware?  Seriously?  Tupperware sets for tiny living?  Well, yes.  The truth is, Tupperware sets are incredible space savers.

Take a look at these following ideas how to use Tupperware sets in most creative ways making your kitchen look nice and orderly and taking advantage of every little space your tiny kitchen is providing.

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