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Top 5 Shower Curtains under $15

Special Effect Leopard Shower CurtainOne of the easiest ways to make your tiny bathroom look stylish, elegant, fancy or just simply funny happens by choosing a shower curtain.  The variety of designs in shower curtains is overwhelming, can be overwhelming if you don’t know yet what style you want to create for your bathroom.

If you are building your own tiny house and you already got the shower stall kit and the shower curtain tension rod, well, then it’s time to get the shower curtain of your choice.  This last step for your new shower will make all the difference, the optical difference I mean.

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Top 5 Wall mount Racks with Hooks for $10-20

Spectrum Diversified Wall Mount 5-Hook RackSometimes a post can be about something as simple as wall mount racks with hooks.

Well, there might be nothing really exciting about them, they still are necessary and very practical and functional for your tiny living place, your small apartment, RV, boat or tiny house.

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Top 4 Shower Curtain Tension Rods 23-42 inch around $10

InterDesign Shower Curtain Tension RodAs a follow-up to my previous post about the Top 5 Shower Wall Kits I present here some great deals for shower curtain tension rods.

If you live in a really tiny space, a tiny house, a small apartment, a RV or boat, it might actually be more obvious for you to install in your tiny bathroom just a shower corner with base instead of a full shower stall with walls, door and base.

In this case you would be interested in shower curtain tension rods that are as short as 23 inch and not longer than 42 inch.  The good news is that you can find quite a variety of material, color, form and length for around $10.

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Declutter with these Top 4 Storage Boxes under $20

declutter with storage boxesThere is actually a move around decluttering going on right now.  That’s interesting.  I personally think the whole thing around decluttering should be more something like a lifetime theme.  Even more when you live in a tiny space. And using storage boxes helps you to visually “declutter” the stuff you still need and keep.

I’m quite interested in Feng Shui principles.  They recommend often as first step toward renewing a living space to get rid of the clutter.  To declutter in other words.  I think getting rid of clutter is by all means a very healthy and freeing action.

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