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Top 3 Small Towel Rings / Towel Bars

MODONA Countertop Towel Ring Polished ChromeThe kitchen is always the room I look first at when we move into a new home. Well, and then the bathroom. I’m still amazed how many kitchens and bathrooms there are without any towel ring or towel bar.

I mean, where do you hang your towels to dry?

Very often we needed to improvise in order to create a place where to hang our towels. It doesn’t need to be like that considering that there are so many great looking and practical towel rings and towel bars available. I found the three main models that fit into every tiny house.

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Top 6 Towel Rack Sets between $20 and $90

Gatco Towel RackI love Towel Rack Sets, and not just for the obvious bathroom, but also for the kitchen, the hallway or even the linen closet.  Everything off floor is a must-have for saving space.

In all of my Swiss apartment living I experienced a lack of where to hang towels.  Mostly in the kitchens, but sometimes also in the bathrooms.  I never could find out why that is.  Where do interior designers hang their wet towels?  It seems to me that this is a global issue.  Some bathrooms are equipped with simple towel racks somewhere on the wall, but kitchens … well, seemingly they are treated like you don’t need to hang ever any towel.  What experiences are you making?

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