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Top 3 Two-Tier Bookcases

King's Brand 2-Tier Bookcase WhiteLiving in a tiny home makes every furniture purchase a challenge. Don’t we just love that! There are furnitures that every home needs and bookcases definitely belong into this category. It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny house, a small urban apartment, an RV or houseboat or you‘re thinking about how to furnish your dorm room the smart way, you will need something to put books on.

But – you know me – a bookcase can be much more than just a bookcase holding books. It opens up a whole world of decorating ideas and will give you notions of where and how to place them.

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Top 5 Small Glass Coffee Tables under $130

Walker Edison Oval Coffee TableLiving in a tiny house or small apartment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great furniture.  The thing is to find the right furniture for your tiny home, so it doesn’t take away too much space and still looks gorgeous and elegant.  Coffee Tables fall definitely under this category, as long as they have a small footprint and have a great glass design.

As I mentioned in another post choosing furniture made of glass makes your tiny home look more spacious.  It is just about cheating the eyes, but that’s all that it needs.  You can have a coffee table as additional furniture in your tiny home when it disappears at the same time and makes the room free and light.

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