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Top 3 Bed Trays under $40

Superjare Large Bed Tray Foldable Laptop DeskSpeak of something that really is of multi-purpose. Maybe you wouldn’t think of a bed tray as being multi-functional. Well, I didn’t – until I started my research about these inconspicuous little items. They are so incredibly practical!

Everything that is multi-functional is perfect for tiny living. If you’re in a tiny house, small apartment, RV, camper or houseboat you might be interested in a bed tray that’s at the same time a desk, a TV stand and much more. Let’s take a closer look at this awesome little product.

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Top 3 Laptop Stands around $25

Allsop Cool Channel Platform for Laptops It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, an RV, a boat or a tiny house, working with your laptop is most probably one of your daily tasks – may it be for work or leisure – that need adequate attention.  There are some reasons why you don’t want to keep your laptop for hours on your lap.  Heat, viewing angle of the screen, hunched sitting position, you name it.

Laptop stands answer exactly to these reasons.  They upgrade the ergonomics of your working space.  They help you keeping your body posture comfortable and healthy and they keep the laptop cool by holding it elevated.

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