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Top 7 Bar Table Sets between $150 and $300

Coaster Home Furnisthings Breakfast Table SetIf you rather like to get a whole set of a certain type of furniture such as a bar table set than to combine single bar tables eclectically with single bar stools, then you have found here the perfect post.  I presented already Bistro table sets that are aesthetically pleasing and don’t take away too much space.  Well, bar table sets belong in the same category.  They are just perfect for tiny homes such as small apartments, houseboats and tiny houses.

I think, the decision if bistro table set or bar table set depends on your personal preference, the style of your home and of course, on the available space.  I can tell you this secret: I actually wouldn’t be able to decide between the two options.  Both are totally aesthetically appealing and perfectly functional space savers.  Both styles I could picture in our tiny kitchen.  A difficult decision.

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Top 2 Corner Dining Benches

corner dining benchCorner Dining Benches are cozy, there is no denying of that.  A wooden corner dining bench calls for sitting and eating together.  Isn’t that so? I love the wooden corner dining benches with comfortable colorful cushions.  If you have a small spaced kitchen or a tiny dining area a corner dining bench might be just the solution for you.

A corner dining bench emanates warmth and the memory of Grandma’s homely kitchen with the smell of fresh baked cookies.  But!  You don’t have to give up on style and your modern aesthetic ideas with a corner dining bench.  It adds seating to a small space, no question about that.  However, it supports as well the open design of modern living spaces.

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Top 4 Stackable Counter Stools around $30 per stool

Linon stackable counter stool setPeople, who don’t have tiny living experience, often think that a tiny home makes it too difficult or even impossible to have guests and friends over.  Well, that isn’t entirely accurate.  Just take a look at the idea of bar tables with bar stools, whole bar table sets or even elegant bistro table sets.

Actually, at my first place I had almost every weekend a friend gathering in my tiny apartment – and my friends enjoyed it as much as I did.  One Saturday night I remember, I had even one of my bosses and some of my working colleagues over for a casual dinner – did I mention that I love to cook? – and for playing board games.  I got some compliments for my tiny apartment’s furnishing ideas.

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