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Top 3 Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattress under $170

Modway 10 Inch Memory Foam Twin MattressAfter having written about Memory Foam 12 inch Queen Mattresses today I take a closer look at Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattresses. They are incredibly affordable. You won’t believe what great quality of Memory Foam Twin Mattresses are out there to a real great price.

When I moved into my first apartment back in Switzerland – you know that tiny tiny apartment – I had a metal bed frame with a twin mattress. At that time there weren’t yet memory foam mattresses made. I would have bought one though. Since I know how comfortable they are, I always go with memory foam mattresses.

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Top 3 Memory Foam 12 inch Queen Mattress under $300

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Queen MattressDo you know what a memory foam mattress is made from? Well, I didn’t until I researched for this post. Memory foam is made from viscoelastic that makes the mattress highly energy absorbent and soft. Exactly the points we like about memory foam mattress, isn’t it. Memory foam has the ability to mold to the body and to return to its original shape once you get out of the bed.

A big advantage for everybody living in a tiny place, a tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat is that a memory foam mattress arrives rolled, meaning the whole package is easily handleable and movable, even when it’s a 12 inch mattress. This simple little fact is already a big argument to look into memory foam mattresses. But there is more advantage to a memory foam mattress.

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