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Top 3 Folding Potting Benches

Convenience Concepts Potting BenchAh, I love summer! Probably because I just love to be outdoors. And that means just every action from beach-walking to mountain-hiking and yes, gardening.

When we were some time ago about to decide if we should move into a tiny house, I was asking myself: will I be able to enjoy my gardening hobby in a tiny house.

Well, I found these great folding potting benches that seem to be just made for every tiny living. They provide an ample space for garden tasks and are foldable to be easily stored away when not in use.

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Top 3 Cubby Storage Units

Merry Garden Cubby Storage UnitHow do you organize your storage?  In a tiny living place such as a small apartment, an RV, boat or tiny house storage is one of the biggest challenges.  You might be interested in smart storage units that allow you to store items that you want to keep together in a defined area.

There is always something you need to store, even when you live in a tiny place and when you already know how to live with as less stuff as possible.  Well, Cubby Storage Units are multifunctional and exactly made for that: for storing the items you still need – even after all your decluttering – and for making the whole storage look nice and organized.

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