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Top 3 Decorative Wood Crates $10 to $20 per Crate

MyGift Distressed Wood Nesting CratesThere is a saying to which I fully agree that goes like this: you will never have too much wooden crates. Wooden crates are perfect for tiny living for two important reasons. They have a double purpose and they bring with their rustic look that great country style into your home.

It really doesn’t matter what you store in your wooden crates, wine bottles, towels or toiletry bottles – their looks upgrade instantly just by having them stored in a wooden crate. The crate’s rustic look flow over to the items in them.

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Top 3 Wall mounted Wire Baskets between $30 and $80

Large Rustic Wall Mounted Hanging Wire BasketEverything that is airy, meaning transparent is perfect for tiny homes, small apartments, RVs, Campers, boats and tiny houses. Why? Because it doesn’t fill visually the space like a closed-in item creating a kind of full impression.

Wire Baskets belong in this category, even better when you can wall mount them.

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Top 4 Plant Pots under $40

startGifts & Decor Flower Pot Trio PlanterEven in my tiny-tiny apartment in Switzerland I couldn’t live without plants. I need green around me. Some people might say that plants are replacing pets. Well, I do not disagree with that. There is a point that living in a tiny place with a pet who has its own space requirements is difficult. Having plants instead can make life easier, no question.

If you look for plant pots you need to know some important facts before choosing your preferred one.

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Rustic Style for a Tiny Home

MyGift Rustic Millk Can ContainerThe rustic style is definitely one of the most chosen interior decorating styles, and most certainly fits into all kinds of tiny homes such as a small apartments, tiny houses and houseboats.

Why is that?  Why do so many people like the rustic style?  People call it the shabby chic, which certainly is true.  It does look shabby and imperfect, and that’s great.  At the same time it creates that desirable homely feeling.

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Top 4 Epergne Basket Racks between $20 and $60

MyGift Triple Hammock Basket RackAgain I’m able to present a great idea as storage solution that you might not think of in the first place.  Epergne Basket Racks are just awesome, aesthetically pleasing and provide great storage space.

For everybody living in a small place it is important to take advantage of every space that is available.  You get used to think vertically, isn’t it.  Therefore, the least used space is generally the space above floor, countertop or any other surface, well, vertically as just said.  So, every storage unit that uses vertical space is just perfect.  Like basket racks!

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