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Why using a Splatter Guard is great for small Kitchens

Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter GuardAlthough a small or tiny kitchen is really easy to clean – one of its big advantages versus bigger kitchens – you still have the option to get a splatter guard or splatter shield to keep your cooking efforts from splashing all over your small stove or small countertop.

A nonstick splatter guard is first of all meant for using on the stove, but I use mine also on the countertop when I use the mixer or when I make bread dough dusting with flour around me.

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Top 3 Pasta Machines around $30

Norpro Pasta MachineI confess that besides being a total Francophile I just love Italy.  The landscapes, the people, the language, the sensibilities, the food.  Oh, yes, the Italian food.

Pasta is one of my favorite comfort foods.  And as somebody who loves to cook I’m really big on making my own pasta.  Of course, with a great pasta machine.

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