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Top 3 Recycling Stations under $50

Organize It All Recycle BinOrder is everything, not just in tiny homes, in small apartments, RVs and houseboats.  An orderly home makes a good feeling.  This is also basically the principle of Feng Shui: if the good energy can flow freely in your home, your own good energy can flow freely.  You feel, what you’re looking at.

I know, I just got a little too philosophical here, kinda, and all I want is to write about recycling stations.  Well, doubtlessly recycling stations create exactly that: order in the kitchen or wherever you collect your recyclables. And yes, please don’t give up on collecting recyclables just because you live in a tiny home.

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Top 4 Corner Display Etageres around $50

Casual Home 4 Shelf Corner BookcaseAmong the classic space saving furniture are without doubt all kinds of corner-placed furniture.  Such as the Corner Display Etagere. In my eyes these Corner Display Etageres are highly elegant, I can’t even say why that is.  It’s like they fill an otherwise empty space with life and beauty – somehow.  And, of course, Corner Display Etageres are as well highly functional and practical for all of your decluttering purposes.

Do you want to utilize every possible space and at the same time enhance the look of your tiny living place, your small apartment, RV, boat or tiny house?  Just check out this ingenious furniture.  I bet you will be as fascinated as I am.

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Top 6 Towel Rack Sets between $20 and $90

Gatco Towel RackI love Towel Rack Sets, and not just for the obvious bathroom, but also for the kitchen, the hallway or even the linen closet.  Everything off floor is a must-have for saving space.

In all of my Swiss apartment living I experienced a lack of where to hang towels.  Mostly in the kitchens, but sometimes also in the bathrooms.  I never could find out why that is.  Where do interior designers hang their wet towels?  It seems to me that this is a global issue.  Some bathrooms are equipped with simple towel racks somewhere on the wall, but kitchens … well, seemingly they are treated like you don’t need to hang ever any towel.  What experiences are you making?

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Top 7 Floating Wall Mount Shelves around $20

Moen Vanity Glass ShelfThere is something fascinating about floating wall mount shelves.  As for me they create a feeling of lightness and orderliness.  I can’t explain why that is – because on the other hand I also like a certain creative disorder displayed on wall mounted shelving units.

If you live in a tiny place, a tiny house, small apartment, RV or boat, you look for every possible solution to create more space.  Floating furniture such as Floating Desks, drop-leaf wall mounted tables or Floating Wall Mount Shelves are doing exactly that: creating extra floor space.

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Top 5 Kitchen Organizers

Rubbermaid Pan Organizer RackThere is no limit to creativity when it comes to organizing your small kitchen.  By taking advantage of every little space you can still keep the look of your kitchen clean and orderly.   The reward is a well organized kitchen that makes it easier for cooking while looking nice at the same time.

The following organization ideas work for all kind of kitchens whether it be tiny or large, in a boat, RV and an urban apartment/condo.

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