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Top 10 Most Visited Posts in March 2017

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Check out the Top 10 most visited posts of Little Big Life in March 2017!



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Top 4 Portable 15-30 Pint Dehumidifiers under $200

NewAir Portable DehumidifierThere are so many regions in our country where high level humidity is a big issue, as big as even being hazardous to health by causing mildew and bacteria growth on the walls and furniture.

If you live in a humid region like described you will sooner or later look for a dehumidifier.  My list of the Top 4 Portable Dehumidifier under $200 is limited to low-pint models such as 30-Pint or even less.  Another aspect I put attention on was the portability, meaning lightweight and size of the dehumidifier in order to use it in tiny living spaces.  Actually reading the customer reviews about small dehumidifier I realized that people living in RVs, Campers or Boats are most likely the ones to be interested in getting a good dehumidifier.

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