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Top 3 Closet Organizer Kits around $50

Closet Organizer KitOne of the item descriptions says it all what’s important about closet kits: The key to getting the most out of your closet is how you use the space inside it. Well, that’s valid for almost everything in your tiny house, small apartment, RV or houseboat, isn’t it.

Closet Kits are perfect for tiny living because they allow you to organize the space in your closet exactly as you want. Most of the shelves and hang rods are adjustable. Exactly what every person living in a tiny space wishes for. The more adjustable, the better! They perfectly join the theme together with Movable Wardrobe Closets, and Hanging Clothes Storage ideas.

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Top 3 Tupperware Sets around $10

Ikea 17-Set Food ContainerMaybe you’re smiling when you read the title of this post. Tupperware?  Seriously?  Tupperware sets for tiny living?  Well, yes.  The truth is, Tupperware sets are incredible space savers.

Take a look at these following ideas how to use Tupperware sets in most creative ways making your kitchen look nice and orderly and taking advantage of every little space your tiny kitchen is providing.

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Top 5 Kitchen Organizers

Rubbermaid Pan Organizer RackThere is no limit to creativity when it comes to organizing your small kitchen.  By taking advantage of every little space you can still keep the look of your kitchen clean and orderly.   The reward is a well organized kitchen that makes it easier for cooking while looking nice at the same time.

The following organization ideas work for all kind of kitchens whether it be tiny or large, in a boat, RV and an urban apartment/condo.

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