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Top 3 TV Tables under $40

If you think that a high quality TV table is a very expensive furniture, I invite you to take a look at these Top 3 and you might learn otherwise. The models I found are all under $40 and they look just awesome.

What’s even more important, or at least of the same importance, is that a TV table that should be perfect for a tiny home needs to be multi-functional. I know you agree with that. A TV table that comes with two or even three shelves provides exactly that.

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Top 3 Space-saving Pantry for a Tiny Kitchen around $150

Sauder Summer Home PantryYour kitchen is tiny because you live in a tiny house, a small apartment or RV or houseboat.  Even with a tiny kitchen you should be able to fully enjoy your cooking experience as well as the look of your kitchen.  Every kitchen needs a pantry.  If your kitchen is tiny your pantry should meet the requirement of having a space-saving footprint with at the same time wide enough inside space for storing food.

So, what are the thoughts around the perfect pantry?  Well, it needs to hold at least groceries worth for a week.  But of course, most of the pantries should hold more than that, reserves of pasta, flour, dried beans, coffee, all kinds of canned food and more.

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Top 4 Space-saving Cabinets over toilet between $50 and $90

TMS Over the Toilet CabinetLet’s talk bathroom today. Even when you live in a bigger than tiny house or apartment the bathroom often is the smallest place.  I don’t even speak about bathrooms in RVs or boats.  Every single inch in a bathroom calls for a practical use.  And I like to add, also for an aesthetic aspect.

When I discovered the idea of a cabinet over the toilet I asked myself why I didn’t get this idea earlier. Often enough you just accept the space in a bathroom as it is, even more when you live in a rented place.  So I was really surprised about how much additional space I suddenly got by placing a simple cabinet over the toilet.

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