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Smart Use of White Color for a Tiny Home

Axess Collection Desk in Pure WhiteThe effect that white color has on how we perceive a space is widely known. This is the reason why white is commonly used in small homes, tiny houses, small apartments, RVs and all kinds of boats – because it makes the place look more spacious.

There is more to it than just making a room look more spacious. The scale of what white color is creating as an interior design color is ample. And do you know about the discussion about the question if white is a color or not?

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Top 3 Bedroom Sets between $400 and $1,000

Coaster Home Furnishings King Bed StorageSets of furniture are just as perfect for tiny living as multi-functional furniture.  A bedroom set is definitely one you could take a closer look at.  You find bedroom sets with three pieces such as headboard, bed and nightstand or with four pieces where a dresser is added to the set.

Isn’t this a great solution for all kinds of tiny living such as tiny house, small apartment, even houseboat or RV?

The one great advantage of getting a bedroom set is that you don’t need to look for fitting furniture around your bed.  With one purchase you get a whole set in one style and create thus calmness and comfort in your bedroom.

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Top 5 Freestanding Bookshelves as Room Divider

Baxton Studio Psinta Modern Shelving UnitThis is a furniture I had in my first tiny one-room apartment in Switzerland: a freestanding bookshelf as room divider between my living and sleeping space.

The bookshelf I used was long, but only about 4 feet tall in order to give free view to the only window I had there.

If you live in a tiny house or small apartment you might take a look at this ingenious piece of furniture.

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Top 4 Daybeds with Storage

South Shore Twin Daybed with StorageThe bed is one furniture that takes away a lot of precious space. Space is what you need when you live in a tiny place such as a small apartment, tiny house or houseboat.

But we can’t be without bed.  So, what is to be done?  A bed which is comfortable, well-sized and multi-functional is the answer.  How about a daybed with storage?

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