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Top 5 Elegant Dressers around $200

Prepac Monterey White 6-Drawer DresserThere are different ways how you can utilize a furniture multi-functionally as storage and as beautiful eye catcher.  Storage benches are one possibility, you use them as bench and as a storage place.  Well, the other idea is to get one of these elegant dressers.

Dressers are certainly a long-lasting furniture, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.  They allow to store away clothing and even bedding that normally takes away so much space.  With a dresser you create a clean and orderly and at the same time beautiful look.

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Top 3 Bedroom Sets between $400 and $1,000

Coaster Home Furnishings King Bed StorageSets of furniture are just as perfect for tiny living as multi-functional furniture.  A bedroom set is definitely one you should take a closer look at.  You find bedroom sets with three pieces such as headboard, bed and nightstand or with four pieces where a dresser is added to the set.  Isn’t this a great solution for all kinds of tiny living such as tiny house, small apartment, even houseboat or RV?

Of course you can go with a Folding Sofa Bed Futon, a Daybed with Storage or even a Chair Folding Bed.  But the one great advantage of getting a bedroom set is that you don’t need to look for fitting furniture around your bed.  With one purchase you can get a whole set in one style and create with it calmness and comfort in your bedroom.

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Top 5 Freestanding Bookshelves as Room Divider

Baxton Studio Psinta Modern Shelving UnitThis is a furniture I had in my first tiny one-room apartment in Switzerland: a freestanding bookshelf as room divider between my living and sleeping space.  My bookshelf was long, but only about 4 feet tall in order to give free view to the only window I had there.  If you live in a tiny house or small apartment you might take a look at this ingenious piece of furniture.

Well, I don’t really need to speak about the advantages of a freestanding bookcase because they are so obvious.  But because I like this kind of furniture so much I do it anyway. Imagine you can have a wall where you want it, build one here or take a wall away over there.  Your flexible wall, well, is the freestanding bookshelf.

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Top 4 Daybeds with Storage

legett & platt - home textiles DaybedThe bed is one furniture that takes away a lot of precious space which is important if you live in a tiny place such as a small apartment, tiny house or houseboat.  But we can’t be without bed.  So, what is to be done?  A bed that is comfortable, well-sized and multi-functional is the answer.  How about a daybed with storage?

I researched about these daybeds with storage and found 4 great models that are really beautiful, sturdy enough to last a life time and still don’t take away too much of your valuable living space.  On the other hand a daybed may be interesting for you as guest bed or teen bed.  I just love its convertibility.

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