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Japanese Style for a Tiny Home

Japanese style for a Tiny HomeIs there any other interior design style that expresses more balance and serenity through clear lines and colors than the Japanese interior style? I think the Japanese style fits every tiny living, may it be a tiny house, a small apartment, even an RV or houseboat. It fits tiny living because it creates an uncluttered look that emanates balance and a deep love for simple natural beauty.

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Top 5 Ideas for Wall Art

Santin Art Cloud Tree Painting Wall DecorWell, being a painter myself I totally like wall art. And I must say I like all kinds of wall art, modern and abstract, landscape, photos, just everything. Wall art needs to meet your personal taste of course.

As a big Italy fan I totally love wall murals, you know that kind that makes your wall look like an old Tuscany house. Wonderful! I found for you one wall mural 3D piece that looks really great.

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