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Top 3 Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattress under $170

Modway 10 Inch Memory Foam Twin MattressAfter having written about Memory Foam 12 inch Queen Mattresses today I take a closer look at Memory Foam 10 inch Twin Mattresses. They are incredibly affordable. You won’t believe what great quality of Memory Foam Twin Mattresses are out there to a real great price.

When I moved into my first apartment back in Switzerland – you know that tiny tiny apartment – I had a metal bed frame with a twin mattress. At that time there weren’t yet memory foam mattresses made. I would have bought one though. Since I know how comfortable they are, I always go with memory foam mattresses.

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Smart Use of Niches and Alcoves for a Tiny Home

adobe alcoveSome houses have somewhere a niche or even an alcove that isn’t taken advantage of.  If you build your own tiny house I encourage you to deliberately add a niche or alcove.  It definitely will add to the overall aesthetic look of your house.  The following ideas of how to use them will hopefully convince you to do so.

Often niches exist just because there is a closet on the other side or it is between two room walls.  Some tiny or small houses have an inbuilt alcove not only because it looks gorgeous from the inside and outside but also because it offers such a creative space for multiple usage.

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