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Top 6 Wall Lamps between $15 and $90

Possini Rectangle Plug-In Wall LightEverything that you can hang on the wall and doesn’t take away any precious floor space is perfect for tiny homes, tiny houses, small apartments, RVs and houseboats.  So when you look around to find the perfect lighting solution for your home you might end up getting one of these gorgeous and elegant wall lamps.

We need lamps in our homes.  Natural light is obviously perfect during day.  In night we need lamps.  And there it is up to you to choose the style such as floor lamps, pendant lighting or even elegant table lamps or space saving wall lamps.  Before you choose the style you should be aware of how you want to use the light.

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Top 4 Indoor Water Fountains around $40

Universal Lighting and Decor Triple Jug FountainAlright, let’s talk Feng Shui.  I do like to emphasize in my posts that you don’t need to give up on decoration ideas or your hobbies such as sport or collections while you live in a tiny home, small apartment, tiny house, RV or houseboat.  And I do that often with Feng Shui at the back of my mind.

What does Feng Shui actually mean?  Well, it is a Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture.  It’s all about the free flow of positive energy in your home and therefore in your life.  You can direct this energy flow through using light, colors, mirrors, some deco items or indoor water fountains.

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Top 4 Elegant Table Lamps around $30

Distressed Antique Table LampThere are those little details that just make the difference of how your room and home looks.  Table lamps are surely one of those details.  You will be surprised what kind of decorating potentials are hidden in something small and seemingly unimposing like table lamps.

For me, a table lamp as well as floor lamps or pendant lighting always adds a certain elegance and exquisiteness to a room, not to mention the light it provides being more indirect and smooth than hard and sharp.  Although there are people who just like the look of a table lamp as it is, not with the light on.  An interesting thought.

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