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Top 2 Window Design Landscape Wallpapers around $20

Wall26 Old knotted tree Wall Mural RemovableIn my first tiny one-room apartment in Switzerland I would have gotten one of these fascinating window design landscape wallpapers. That apartment had just one window and was otherwise wall-to-wall adjacent to neighbor apartments.

Having a window design landscape wallpaper creates an additional window where there is none and allows you to kind of look out into the landscape of your dreams.

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Smart Use of Red Color for a Tiny Home

DHP Split Modern Futon RedIn one of my posts about how you can decorate a tiny home I mentioned using wall colors. That’s one way to optimize your tiny home. Often though, mostly when you live in an apartment, you have no way to paint whole walls.

For you I made this research. Instead of painting the walls, even just parts of the walls, get colored furniture, colored deco items. Today it’s all about the color red.

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