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Top 7 Hanging Clothes Storage under $15

Ziz Home Hanging Clothes Storage BoxOrganization is everything when you live in a tiny space.  You still have your stuff, your clothing, everything you need for daily life, and you urgently need a great storage place in your tiny home to put all those things away.  Hanging clothes storage are an ingenious way to store your stuff away and a great alternative to movable wardrobe closets or garment racks.

Normally I’m more the type who likes to hide away all that stuff we have.  Well, sometimes this is important.  Mostly so, when you live in a really tiny place, a really small apartment, a tiny houseboat or your own tiny house.  But!  There are moments where you can store your stuff in a more open way.  So, let’s take a closer look at hanging clothes storage.

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Top 3 Rectangular Baskets around $10 per basket

Whitmor Rattique Shelf Rectangular BasketWhat do people who live in tiny homes, a tiny house, a small apartment, RV or houseboat discover first in their new tiny place?  They find out that life is all about order and tight organization. Organization with the help of rectangular baskets for example.

I know it can become a challenge to find out how to organize a tight space.  But let me tell you, it is also a lot of fun.  And with time you will become an expert in these questions.  So, today I like to take a look at rectangular baskets as storage units.

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Top 3 Movable Wardrobe Closets for Tiny Spaces under $50

SONGMICS Portable Clothes ClosetStorage is the big theme in tiny places.  If you live in a small apartment, a dorm, a tiny house, RV or houseboat you know about this pressing matter.  A movable wardrobe closet is certainly one answer to this issue.

Since these wardrobe closets are portable you can easily disassemble them and take them with you wherever you move.  They are lightweight, most of them made of non-woven fabric, meaning a breathable material.

They come with roller shutter or zipper, so you can close your closet when guests are over or just to keep your clothes dust free and your tiny home orderly and nice.

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5 Unusual Furniture as Nightstands

nightstandNightstands can be “business as usual”, meaning headboard set with nightstands, floating wall mount nightstands or they can be really extravagant.  Which styling type are you?

I admit I totally like all kinds of unusual ideas for nightstands.  The great thing about being inventive with how your nightstands should look like is that their unique and personal look makes your tiny home, tiny house, small apartment or even RV and houseboat, immediately very interesting.

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Top 3 Garment Racks under $60

Whitmgarment rackor Supreme Garment Rack with WheelsA tiny house, a small apartment or houseboat often doesn’t have a big wardrobe where you have ample space to hang all your clothing, place your shoes, hats and bags.  My first mega tiny apartment in Switzerland was like that.  No built-in closet, no place for any type of wardrobe anyway.  Well, I helped myself by getting one of these garment racks, and thought at that time that it doesn’t look great.

When I browse today interior design sites I actually find that an open garment rack is considered to be totally fashionable making for a young and unconventional look.  The designers even recommend to get it in any case instead of a wardrobe.  Why would you want to hide your clothing when having hung them freely creates a stylish look to your place.

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Top 4 Shoe Racks under $30

SONGMICS 5 Tiers Shoe RackWhere do you put your daily used shoes?  In the hallway, most of you will answer, probably.

If you live in a tiny house, small apartment or even houseboat and RV you will have to think about where you want to put your shoes and all the other items you need daily such as sunglasses, hats, purses and more.

That’s the reason why a shoe rack is generally the better solution than just a simple boot tray.

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Top 3 Underbed Storage

IRIS Underbed Storage DrawerIf you have already a metal bed frame you can take advantage of the now ample space under your bed with one of these ingenious underbed storage solutions.

I know that one of the things that take up so much storage space are bedding: comforter, blankets, linen, pillows.  They are just two voluminous to be stored away in small closets.

Underbed storage is made exactly for this kind of items that you need to store away.

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Top 3 Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelves under $20

Cook N Home 2-Tier Corner Storage ShelfI just love to explore all those awesome shelf solutions that help to declutter and to bring order into my kitchen, bathroom or any other room.  If you’re living in a small apartment, RV, houseboat or you’re building your own tiny house, kitchen counter and cabinet shelves are exactly what you are looking for.

A kitchen counter shelf is definitely one of the best methods for organizing the items you have in your kitchen, most often taking away precious space on your countertop.  Or you might be interested in a cabinet shelf, that helps taking advantage of the whole space a cabinet is providing.

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Top 4 Over-The-Sink Shelves under $30

Home Basics Pine Over-the-Sink Shelf Brown So, tell me, what do you have over your sink, in the kitchen and bathroom?  Nothing?  Air?  Well, I admit, it was the same for me.  I never got the idea that I could use the space over the sink.  Until, well, until I saw the first over-the-sink shelf.

They are incredibly practical space savers, just as all the corner filling furniture are. The over-the-sink shelves are just made for small places in tiny kitchens and tiny bathrooms.  Some of them provide with their weight of some pounds quite a stability.  And they look elegant and not overly constrictive as you might have assumed.  The latter depends of course on what you place on the shelf.

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Declutter with these Top 4 Storage Boxes under $20

declutter with storage boxesThere is actually a move around decluttering going on right now.  That’s interesting.  I personally think the whole thing around decluttering should be more something like a lifetime theme.  Even more when you live in a tiny space. And using storage boxes helps you to visually “declutter” the stuff you still need and keep.

I’m quite interested in Feng Shui principles.  They recommend often as first step toward renewing a living space to get rid of the clutter.  To declutter in other words.  I think getting rid of clutter is by all means a very healthy and freeing action.

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