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Top 4 Shower Organizers under $20

Umbra Basket Shower CaddyThe bathroom is the most neglected room in a home, neglected in regard to look nice and be functional at the same time.  How well is your bathroom organized?  Where do you keep your bath products?  Do they take away precious space somewhere on the sink, on the side of the bath tub or elsewhere in the bathroom?  Most often it just doesn’t give a good feeling to see an unorganized pile of bath products somewhere in your bathroom.

For my first apartment’s tiny bathroom I would have wished to have something like a Shower Organizer.  During my research I found great variations of Shower Organizers in form of baskets, caddies and others.  The ideas of how to organize and keep your bath products are ingenious, I think.

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Top 4 Shower Curtain Tension Rods 23-42 inch around $10

InterDesign Shower Curtain Tension RodAs a follow-up to my previous post about the Top 5 Shower Wall Kits I present here some great deals for shower curtain tension rods.

If you live in a really tiny space, a tiny house, a small apartment, a RV or boat, it might actually be more obvious for you to install in your tiny bathroom just a shower corner with base instead of a full shower stall with walls, door and base.

In this case you would be interested in shower curtain tension rods that are as short as 23 inch and not longer than 42 inch.  The good news is that you can find quite a variety of material, color, form and length for around $10.

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